Welcome my love,

It's so nice to have you here my darling!!

I'm a Sunny Coast artist obsessed with creativity, adventures, and chocolate. I have always adored women and the power we hold. I started my artistic journey when I was only little; I would make paintings of elephants and fairies on old boxes and pieces of paper, and ask anyone who came to visit how much they were going to pay me to buy one.

I suppose my entrepreneurial spirit started young as well! These phenomenal women have been in the process of creation over the last three years, and it's only in 2021 that I've really committed to honouring the creative inside myself. I quit full time work teaching, and started selling my prints at my local markets. It has been such a brave and challenging journey, but so strongly rewarding and spirit-fuelling that I know I'm heading in the right direction. 

I am so blessed to have been raised and surrounded by strong, intelligent, confident women. They're why I create art. Why I've become strong enough to put my art into the world. They inspire me, challenge me, awaken me. They inspire me to seize each day with all I've got, to stop second-guessing my magic, and to live the ferocious life I've always dreamt of. ​Women are my muses and womanhood marvels me. Femininity, and the power of an untamed woman awakens my creativity to the point where it's clawing to spill out onto a canvas. Each print has her own story, her own lesson, name, personality. These prints stand for the lessons and loves I've learnt in this life, and for the woman who've made me what I am. Please enjoy these women, knowing that they stand for the phenomenal woman inside us all. 

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